My Story

INadina have always carried a strong sense of helping others in the financial field. I remember growing up where I always wanted to ”manage” the household financial affairs when playing house with siblings and friends. We would assign family duties to each one, and I remember not wanting to participate unless I was put in charge of all money that came in the home.

Those were the days, but as we all know, playing house doesn’t amount to the real needs of current modern day families. We are faced with so many obstacles that can change our financial positions in a twink of an eye.

It is for this reason, I wanted to pursue my career in this industry to continue to help others with my passion

It began with my mother’s stay-at-home job as a Tax Accountant, I helped my mom from the age of 14-22 yrs old , until her death in 1986. At which point I decided to leave my mother’s tax legacy and pursue my own Accounting path at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.

After careful thought and a little help from my now deceased mother, I re-ignited her legacy and began a tax firm named C&C Electronic Tax & Financial Services in 1993.

Since that time, I have grown to have my own legacy which I now share with my two daughters, Candice and Classie, thus the name “C&C”.

My services since 1993 have included Personal & Corporate Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Consulting, Debt Management Consulting Services, Corporate Formation, along with 7 yrs of being a Continuing Educator at Truman College in Chicago, Illinois.

My passion to help individuals grew and became more personal as I began to find ways to have one-on-one coaching sessions, along with group classes.

I am now as happy as I can be as God has afforded me the ability to carry out my passion of helping all types of people find their place, personally with their own wealth.

I have help many people as a Financial Coach, and the experience has been both rewarding for both the client and myself!

I am a Certified Professional Coach™, a Certified Financial Coach™, a Registered Tax Return Preparer®, a Certified Financial Educator™, and a Certified Marriage Educator™. I also a member of the International Coaches Federation, and the National Society of Tax Professionals.

Welcome to my site, and I truly hope after taking time to read this brief synopsis of myself has caused you trust that I truly will help you in all that you endeavor in the financial world!

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