Pre-Mariatal Coaching

Don’t Get Married Without Financial Pre-Marital Coaching!
If you find the topic of money causing friction in your first (or third) year of marriage, you’re not alone. A small study (113 African-American and 131 Euro-American couples) published in 2003 set out to uncover what topics caused the most disagreement for newlyweds. “In both the first and third years of marriage, money was most often reported as a topic of marital disagreement. It beat out tensions about leisure, each spouse’s family of origin, children and religion. I wonder what happened in the second year?
Source: Topics of Marital Disagreement Among African-American and Euro-American Newlyweds
If you are considering marriage, or a newlywed, there are many exciting things you know about your soon-to-be spouse, or your newly married spouse, but what lurks beneath is the main question we tend to forget to ask: How Well Do I Know My Partner’s Financial Health and Habits?


Many of us can’t answer this, so I have devised a Pre-Marriage Coaching Program designed to answer the most difficult answers.

According to the National Directory of Marriage and Family Counseling, the divorce rate in America has hovered around 50% since the mid 80’s, but premarital counseling reduces that number by 30%. And since money and money fights are one of the top reasons for divorce, financial premarital counseling is crucial for a solid marriage.

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